Closing my fiscally sponsored campaign and receiving the money we raised

This article explains the process of receiving your funds after you ran a fiscally sponsored campaign (where we collected the money). Please read carefully to understand the process and how long things typically take. Jewcer is a small nonprofit and we proud ourselves in the process we created to streamline the fiscal sponsorship. Other organizations may take several months while we take a couple of weeks.


Campaigns are not closed automatically when the deadline arrives. On the contrary, the campaign page will stay open and receive funds until you request for the funds. Once the deadline passes, the page would stay open without a timer.

STEP 1: Requesting to start the process of closing a campaign

In order to get the process started, please email from the email behind the account that has the campaign on and provide the following information:

  1. Indicate clearly that you want to close the campaign (we recommend making the subject “closing our campaign”)
  2. Provide the public link to your campaign (this is to make sure we are looking at the correct campaign you want closed).

STEP 2: Providing payment information (1-2 business days)

We will reply to your email with acknowledgement or receipt and a link to fill out with information where you want the funds sent to and in what way (check, wire, etc).

STEP 3: Campaign Summary (3-4 business days)

We will send you by email a summary of your campaign that includes a google sheet (online) with a list of all your donors (which you can also download from your Jewcer account) organized and cleaned (only successful donations) and taking into account any other considerations (such as manual donations). We will indicate exactly the amount we will be sending you. Once we create the summary, we also close the campaign. No more donations can be processed.

STEP 4: Your approval

Before we proceed, we must receive your email approving the summary (or questions you must have). If you have any questions, we ask that you first download the donors list (how to download) and do your own analysis first.

STEP 5: Sending your funds (7-10 business days)

Once we receive your approval, we start processing your funds which could take about 7-10 business days which includes getting all the approvals internally (accounting, legal, etc) and physically processing the payment. You will receive an email stating the payment has been sent.



Q: Can I receive the funds and not close my campaign?

A: Yes, but there are costs involved with it. Please read here.