I am fiscally sponsored, can I receive the funds in installments throughout the campaign?

When you are fiscally sponsored, Jewcer collects the funds for you. By default, you receive the funds you raise when you ask us to close the campaign (theoretically, you can leave it open as long as you wish). You can have it sent by check (in the USA) or by wire (anywhere in the world). The wire would have some minimal cost to it charged by the bank ($45, charged by the bank).

The transfer of funds on our end includes an oversight of many people such as lawyers, accountants and board members. This is included in your fiscal sponsorship and provided for free with one transfer. However, if you wish to receive the funds more often than once (that is, more than just at the end of the campaign), there will be a $250 fee per processing (which does not include the cost of transferring the funds). If you wish to use this option, please email us to help@jewcer.com and let us know.