Join the Jewcer Team!

Jewcer is always looking to grow and has room for more people who care to strengthen the Jewish community and Israel through crowdfunding. We are a nonprofit organization but we operate as a lean startup. If you like what we are doing and feel that you can help us do it better (even if it’s not in one of the ways below), do not hesitate and contact us at

In addition, below, you could see any formal openings we might have.

Copywriter (USA / Israel)

Position location: USA or Israel.
Position type: Contractor

Jewcer has been operating in Israel for over a year now with a wonderful team that specifically works with organizations who wish to run crowdfunding campaigns through Jewcer, in both Israel and the US. We are looking for a copywriter who will work directly with our team in Israel in order to build the campaign pages for these organizations and write our newsletters that feature these organizations.
Here are some examples of the campaign pages we have created in the past for organizations in Israel (or were created professionally for them):

Example 1: Helping Holocaust Survivors (MyMDband)
Example 2: The iBox
Example 3: Help a Child with Cancer
Example 4: Cooking Coexistence


Here are some newsletters that we have sent in the past (written professionally):

Example 1: newsletter for Cooking Coexistence (see campaign page above)
Example 2: newsletter for MyMDband (see campaign page above)


Experience and technical requirements:

  • Experience with landing pages and copywriting specifically for “calls to action”.
  • Building a campaign page will require you to use our platform.
  • Creating a newsletter requires you to use Mailchimp.
  • Ability to manipulate images and (very) simple graphic design


Currently, we are working with 3-5 new organizations every month. This job pays by project. In other words, each project is a new organization that would need a campaign page built for them and a newsletter set up for them.

Please send us an email to along with your resume and any questions you may have.

Community Outreach & Sales (Israel)

Position location: Israel.
Position type: Contractor or Part-time

We are looking for a person to work with organizations in Israel on their crowdfunding campaigns as part of the professional services we offer. We are looking to grow the number of organizations that we work with every month and get them to raise more money. Please send us an email to along with your resume and any questions you may have.