Grants and Non-Profit Benefits for All!

Most campaigns on Jewcer are eligible to receive grants and other benefits (like tax deductions for your supporters)

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to help people around the world create positive change for or from within the Jewish community!

That’s why we’ve developed our own grant programs, including Jewcer SEED and Jewcer SPARK to help foster innovation and inspire more individuals and organizations to do good things in the world. In addition, we often work with various organizations and individuals who use our platform and engage the community with powerful campaigns that meet their criteria.

You don’t have to be a non-profit to take advantage of these grants and benefits! Click through the categories below to find out which you qualify for:

Jewcer's Grants, Partnerships and Opportunities

Offer your donors a tax deduction, even if you’re not a non-profit! We make it easier for people to support your cause and give more by offering tax deductions through our FREE fiscal sponsorship program. With most crowdfunding platforms, your donors do not get any tax deductions unless you are a non-profit or are fiscally sponsored by one—in which case, there are additional costs of 5% on average.

Campaigns seeking to help Jewish communities or strengthening Israel can be fiscally sponsored by Jewcer at the same cost as any other campaign (an average of 2% on our platform)!

Want to see if you qualify? Just answer a few simple questions:

Have you received a grant from an organization? Has someone offered you a grant, if you can just raise a certain amount of money first?

Create your own challenge campaign to qualify for, or double your grant! People love to know that a cause has other support before they donate, and they love to know that their dollars get doubled, trippled or quadrupled. Different challenge grants have different rules. Talk to us about creating your matching grant campaign on Jewcer.

עכשיו, גם אתם יכולים לגייס תרומות בארה״ב

הקמנו צוות ייעודי שיושב בישראל עם מטרה אחת: לעזור לכם לגייס תרומות בארה״ב בעזרת קמפיין מימון המונים ועזרה שלנו בפירסום המייזם.

 אנחנו נספק לתורמים שלכם קבלות להקלה במס בארה״ב

אנחנו נעזור לכם בחשיפה לתורמים פוטנציאלים

צוות המומחים שלנו יעזור לכם בבניית קמפיין שמותאם לקהילה האמריקאית

RAISE MORE with Grants, Fiscal Sponsorship and Unique Programs (while Offering Tax Deductions to Your Donors)

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