Getting Your Jewish Project Fully Funded in Three Simple Steps

Other platforms might try to sell you on “create a campaign in 30 min”, but wouldn’t you rather spend a little bit more time with our experts and create a campaign that raises much more money? Our lower than “0% fees” means more money for your cause… we hope that’s one less thing to worry about!

Our Experts Work With You

Are you fed up with tutorials that other platforms send you? How about speaking to a real person who is an expert in fundraising for Jewish causes? On Jewcer we take mentorship to a whole different level!

Schedule a FREE 1-on-1 Call with a Crowdfunding Expert

A Campaign that Fits You

Are you an individual raising money for a new project? An organization that raises money for an existing program? Different teams and different causes require different strategies. Our experts would make sure that your campaign attracts the right audience and fits your particular situation and need.

Launch and Get Promoted

Launch your campaign and thousands of people who support Jewish causes just like yours and visit our website daily could discover your campaign. If that’s not enough, qualified campaigns get featured on our homepage, social media or newsletter to 25,000 people who love hearing from us!

Better Campaign Page. Better Strategy. Larger Exposure.

Jewcer is about community, not fees.

Unlike most crowdfunding platforms, we offer donors to cover all your fees, and over 80% of them do! The average fees on Jewcer are below 2%, that is lower than the transaction fees you would pay on “0% fees” or “free” platforms like IndieGOGO’s Generocity, Jgive and others.

Typical fees you would pay on a $180 donation

Jewcer: $2.88 -- you get $177.12


Generosity (by IndieGoGo): $5.4 -- you get $174.6


Jgive: $6.6 -- you get $173.4


That means more of every donation can go toward your project and strengthening our community.

Join the 100s of individuals, groups and organizations who got their projects fully funded on Jewcer!

Whether you’re raising money for an organization you are part of, a new music project or people in need, we know your cause is important and your time is valuable, so we made fundraising on Jewcer easy with personal experts advice.

Why is Jewcer different from every other platform?

The simple answer is: Jewcer is a non-profit organization with a clear mission to help you raise the most amount of funds for your project. Your success means a stronger Jewish community. The not-so-simple answer requires a bit more explanation…

  • Tax Deductions for Supporters

    Donors love tax deductions! We make it easier for people to support your cause and give more by offering tax deductions through our FREE fiscal sponsorship (conditions apply).

  • Incredibly Low Fees

    Over 80% of donors on Jewcer choose to cover the fees when donating. Because of that, campaign organizers end up with more than 98% of the amount they raised. Compare that to 5%-12% fees on other platforms! Learn more in our fees page.

  • Get New Donors!

    Thousands of people who support Jewish causes just like yours visit our website daily and discover new campaigns. If that’s not enough, qualified campaigns get featured on our newsletter to 25,000 people!

  • Built Jewish

    Our unique crowdfunding platform is tailored specifically for initiatives that benefit the Jewish people and/or Israel, appealing to people already interested in supporting Jewish causes and helping everyone instantly understand your goals as well.

  • Hands-on Mentorship

    Our experts will go over your campaign and personally guide you on how to make it more effective. Take advantage of what we’ve learned from helping hundreds of causes and projects similar to yours.

  • We Care

    We know what its like to be a Jewish initiative, because we are one ourselves! Our mission as a non-profit organization is to help you raise the funds you need to strengthen our community!

Get started now. Launch when you're ready.