Downloading (and understanding) your donors list

Downloading the donors list:

The Jewcer platform allows you to download the complete log of your donors (successful donations and even the unsuccessful attempts that some users might go through). In order to download it:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Head over to
  3. Locate at the bottom of the page the list of campaigns you have (in a card view mode)
  4. Click the “Download Donors List” at he bottom of the card for the campaign you want the donors list for.
  5. The list will download in a CSV format that you can open with excel


Understanding the donors list:

Every time a person starts the donation process to your campaign, the system logs all the information they provide and puts it in the log. This is done also if the person does not complete the donation process. The columns in the log are:

Donation ID: This is an internal number that we use to identify the donation. If you ever have a question about a specific donation, please use this number to let us know which donation you are speaking of.

Donation Date: The date and time of the donation.

Donor Name: The name provided by the donor. Note that giving a name is not mandatory and some donations will be missing this data.

Donor Email: The email provided by the donor. If the donation was entered manually, the email will show “”.

Donation Status: Every time a person starts the donation process, a new row is added to your list. If the person finished the donation successfully, it would same “successful”. If the person did not finish the donation, the entry would have “failed”. Please note that most donors would just try again (we email them a few minutes later) so look for their email address in another attempt that could have “successful” on it. Some donations will not be completed for various reasons, please read this article on what you can do about it.

Amount Chosen by Donor: This is the donation amount chosen by the donor.

Donor chosen to cover fees: As you know, we offer the donor the option to cover your fees (and most do!). If it says “yes” it means the donor chose to cover it. If it says “no”, it means the opted out of covering your fees.

Amount Charged: This is the actual amount charged by our system. If the donor decided to cover your fees, it would be higher than the “Amount chosen by donor” by the amount of the fees”.

Transaction Fees: This is the fees that go to the payment system. It is 2.9% + $0.30 of the “Amount chosen by donor”.

Jewcer Fees: This is the fees to sustain Jewcer as a non-profit organization. It is 5% of the “Amount chosen by donor”.

Total amount send to campaign organizer: This is the amount that is left after all fees that goes to your cause. Please note that when the donor chooses to cover your fees, the amount left is not 100% (it is very very close) as the fees taken by the payment system is now on the new amount the donor is paying. If the donation was entered manually, the amount will show as “0” (regardless if the funds were received by us or by the campaign organizer). When the campaign is done and we provide a summary, we will include funds that were received by us directly (by check / wire).

Donor chose to show name / amount: We offer the donor the option whether to show their name or the amount they donated publicly on your campaign page.

Reward title: The title of the contribution level (also known as “reward”) the donor chose in their donation.

Message from donor: Donors are asked if they want to include a public message with their donation.

Extra information provided with donation: Donors are asked if they want to include extra information (for example, an address) with their donation. This information is only available to you in this report.

Payment system used: This indicates if the donor chose to pay with credit card (possible options are “Stripe” or “WePay”) or through PayPal. Note that PayPal is only available for fiscally sponsored campaigns at this time.