Someone could not donate, what is wrong?

Unfortunately, not all donations go through. Most likely, the platform is working and everything is technically working… and yet, some donations will not go through for many reasons. The good news is that we are on top of it. We even send you a notification about it so that you can act on it (most platforms do not even let you know a donation did not go through). We follow up with each potential funder that had some difficulties, and so should you.

The reason the notification says “possible” and not “definitely” is important to understand. When a person starts the contribution process we take note of the time they started and if they do not complete the process within a certain period of time, we send you the notification. We do this because part of the process (and where 99% of the difficulties happen) is not on our system but on the payment system (PayPal or Stripe). In other words, we send the funder to the payment system and “sit and wait” for them to come back. If they don’t come back within a reasonable amount of time, we assume they ran into trouble. In many cases, the funder tries again (immediately after or later on) and succeeds. We ask that you check the list of funders (the one you download) to see if they succeeded on another occasion.


At Jewcer, we aim to help you raise the most amount of money possible and expand your community. The purpose of this notification is so that you have as much information as possible for a successful campaign.

If you recognize the person that attempted to contribute, you should definitely contact them. It is in your hands to decide if you want to contact anyone that potentially did not complete the process. We urge you to be very sensitive about who to contact because it is possible this person changed their mind or has financial difficulties. Please use common sense 🙂

What you need to get from them is information what happened. Just “did not work” is not going to help us figure out what happened. Get from them if they got some error message or where in the process they got stuck. Then contact us and let us know with all the information you have (including the name, email and time of attempt). In most cases (as mentioned above), trying again and/or contacting their bank solves it, but in many cases they just could not get through the process and need your help figuring it out. We try to make the process as simple as possible (you should try it and contribute to another campaign) but there are always people that would get confused.