Green Rebel – the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine

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With Shimon Peres

With Shimon Peres

Our Story

“Green Rebel – the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine” (tentative title)  is an Israel/Africa story. It will follow the visionary struggles of Yossi Abramowitz, AKA “Kaptain Sunshine,” to provide real, on the ground solutions to both global climate change, and to inequality in Africa. In the Jewish tradition, it’s called tikkun olam (“healing the world”).

Yossi and his family immigrated to Israel in 2006, and soon after, Arava Power, his first Israeli solar energy company, inked the first deal to sell solar-generated electricity to Israel’s electric grid. His vision? For Israel to be a “sustainable Light unto the Nations.” Kaptain Sunshine had arrived.

Rwanda Gigawatt Project Drone Gigawatt Project Rwanda Drone

Rwanda Solar Fields

A few years later, his company finished the first commercial scale solar field in sub-Saharan Africa (in Rwanda) – it now supplies 6% of the nation’s energy needs. Touchingly, it is situated in Agohozo Youth Village (which benefits from the sale of electricity), where several hundred orphans of Rwanda’s own genocidal war study and live.

Yossi with Bono, at the Rwanda solar field

We have been filming Abramowitz’s adventures for several months, and have exclusive filming access to all of his future activities. We are now entering a critical phase in documenting his story: Abramowitz’s Jerusalem company has signed deals with 10 additional African countries for solar fields and wind turbines (everywhere from Burundi to Ethiopia to northern Nigeria). But can obstacles of government corruption, violence, terrorism, and entrenched energy interests be overcome – to help bring green electricity to more of Africa’s 600 million people without electricity, and to replace the highly polluting gas and coal electric plants planned by the greedy multinational petro interests?

A mother and son cooking on an indoor open fire, Rwanda

Right now, “energy poverty” in many African countries means most schools and health clinics have no electricity. Most homes don’t either – so all cooking and lighting comes from burning wood in the home. Such “indoor air pollution” in Burundi causes more than 10,000 deaths (mostly children) every year. And there may be no trees left in Burundi by 2040, because of the huge numbers of trees cut down yearly.

About half of our story will be shot in Africa – showing Abramowitz in action, courting allies there by appealing to common spiritual/religious values. We will also feature local supporting characters, such as a mother struggling, like mothers everywhere, to feed her children and keep them happy and healthy in such primitive conditions – how might her life be affected by a simple thing like the arrival of electricity?

Golda.InAfrica copy

Golda Meir visited five African countries, in 1958, and she later wrote: “Independence had come to us, as it was coming to Africa, not served up on a silver platter, but after years of struggle.” Fast forward to 2018: Africa boasts 11 out of the 20 fastest-growing economies on the planet, has 700 million cell phones, and its billion-plus population will double by 2050. “Impact businessman” Abramowitz and his investors are betting they can do good, and be successful.


Yossi with two of his children, at a Passover seder at Holot Detention Center for African asylum Seekers

At home in Israel, Yossi and his wife’s children include two adopted Ethiopian sons. Recently, his family has joined the fight for African refugees to not be deported from Israel. Abramowitz, always thinking outside the box, suggests that, instead of the refugees being sent back to their war-torn countries, Holot Detention Center should be converted to a training center for them in the latest Israeli water, agricultural and green energy technologies. (An additional supporting character will be Yossi’s wife, Rabbi Susan Silverman – “Green Rebel” director Stein documented her well-known struggle for women to be able to pray at the Western Wall).

Our Need Now

Our goal with this Jewcer campaign is to raise the funding necessary to finally video in Africa for several weeks. We plan to spend time with Yossi in several countries, as he connects with politicians, businesspeople, and regular people on the ground. How does he build the special spiritual/religious bridges that make his work so unique? We will also spend time with several African families – as they struggle with living without electricity. Finally, we will document the groundbreaking for one new African field – including focusing on several Africans who have new jobs constructing the field.

“Green Rebel” will try to answer the challenging question: how does Abramowitz ruthlessly promote his solar energy company, working with the power brokers of his world (from Trump and Netanyahu, to assorted African leaders and ex-dictators) – and still maintain his goal, as he simply calls it, of “doing good”?


…Is to finish shooting and editing our film by Fall, 2020. We plan to not only  show it in theaters worldwide and on streaming services, but also to bring it directly to hundreds of schools and universities, houses of worship, non-profits, corporations, conferences, and elsewhere. These “impact screenings” – most followed with discussions – are designed to educate and inspire about Jewish social change and fighting the climate crisis. You are welcome to contact us with any questions, or if you are interested in hosting an impact screening event, email us at:

Please read director Harvey Stein’s recent Times of Israel blog post, “Why We Really Need Kaptain Sunshine Now”

It takes a village to make an indie film! It takes a global village to turn the course on climate change. Thanks for adding your energy to our pot!

“Green Rebel” co-sponsored by Melitz

Join our community of supporters and we can make a difference

Your donation is tax deductible!

All donations to this charitable cause are collected by Jewcer, and donations exceeding the fair-market value of goods/services received are qualified under Section 501(c)(3) as tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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  • October 21, 2018 9:47 am

    Dear Friends,

    A quick update on this cool Fall day in Jerusalem…
    We are excited to be slowly but steadily making progress with “Green Rebel,” our documentary project about the amazing solar energy visionary, Yossi Abramowitz.

    Your contributions have enabled us to continue to shoot Yossi’s activities in Jerusalem. Now we are at a critical phase – Yossi’s company, Gigawatt Global, is about to hopefully seal their deal with the government of Burundi, for Gigawatt’s second African field.

    We hope to accompany Yossi on his upcoming trip to Burundi, to celebrate breaking ground there for their solar field.

    Burundi is one of the poorest African countries: less than 3% of Burundians have electricity to light their homes, instead using kerosene and wood for light and heat. The indoor air pollution caused by these, kills over 10,000 Burundians yearly, 93% of them children under the age of five.

    If Gigawatt can successfully bring solar generated electricity, it will benefit the entire Burundian society. Our movie will help us document Yossi’s visionary efforts to contribute to “tikkun olam”, healing the world.

    It takes a village to make an indie movie – would you be willing to help us spread the word? If you can, think of 2 or 3 friends or colleagues who might appreciate our project, and call or email them with the link to our Jewcer page:

    Thanks so much for your help. We hope to finish “Green Rebel” in about 12 months – and then bring it not only to theaters around the world, but to present “impact screenings” in synagogues, NGO’s, government agencies, and environmental conferences – in Israel, North America, and elsewhere. Our movie can itself be a contribution to inspiring and educating people about the possibilities of green energy at this tough time globally.

    All best from Jerusalem,
    Harvey Stein
    Director, “Green Rebel”

  • August 8, 2018 7:25 am

    Dear Friends,

    We haven’t written an update in awhile. We are slowly making progress on our documentary “Green Rebel”. It’s looking like Yossi Abramowitz’s company, Gigawatt Global, will soon seal a deal for a large solar field in Burundi (one of the poorest nations in Africa).

    We are totally excited about this development, and yes, we will be traveling there with Yossi, to video the groundbreaking in Burundi, when it happens.

    Yosef’s company is also doing several projects – shhh! – involving Palestinian communities. These are very delicate publicity-wise, and show how Abramowitz is such a master at providing clean power to needy communities, in spite of incredibly complex political situations.

    It takes a village to make an indie movie – now that you have added your energy to our pot, would you be willing to help us spread the word? If you can, think of 2 or 3 friends or colleagues who might appreciate our project, and call or email them with our link to our Jewcer page:

    You can also follow us on our new FB page for “Green Rebel”, here:

    Thanks for your help, and all best from a warm, summery Jerusalem. Best,
    Harvey Stein, director of “Green Rebel – the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine”

  • February 13, 2018 12:01 pm

    Dear friends,

    Thanks so much for your recent contribution to our “Green Rebel” project, about the amazing work of Yossi Abramowitz.

    Yossi will be at AIPAC in Washington, D.C. in early March, so if you happen to be there, you are welcome to go up to Yossi and say hi!

    It takes a village to make an indie movie – now that you have added your energy to our pot, would you be willing to help us spread the word? If you can, think of 2 or 3 friends or colleagues who might appreciate our project, and call or email them with our link to our Jewcer page (

    Thanks again, and all best from a rainy Jerusalem. Best,
    Harvey Stein, director of “Green Rebel – the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine”

Rosalinda and Ray Baldwin
"Love and success"
David Bachman
"Best wishes on the documentary, Harvey! Looking very much forward to seeing the finished project."
Michael and Kate Gardos Reid
"A sustainable future for all people!"
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
"Claudia would have thought this was a good thing."
Dale Goodson
"Hey Harvey- best of luck! Dale"
Anonymous donor
Joseph Zitt
Shel Horowitz
"Todah and shukran for this important work. We may be able to arrange a screening in Western Massachusetts when the time comes."
Lawrence Williams
Fred Scherlinder Dobb & Minna Scherlinder Morse
"Kol hakavod Yossi, Susan, Harvey, and all!"
Ellen Baum
Anonymous donor
Gigi Pomerantz
"Good luck Harvey!"
Steve and Nurit Marcus
Montana Billings
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
"Keep up the good and important work, Mr. Abramowitz!"
Merrill Glustrom
Dr. Edward and Esther Beck
"Good luck"
Anonymous donor
Nachshon Carmi
"You are our shine sun Our beautiful shone sun You make us happy when skies are clouded:-)"
Open Door Authentic Movement Group
"Thanks for bringing safe renewable energy to Africa."
Anonymous donor
"Great work Harvey !"
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
"Keep up the great work!"
Anonymous donor
"Thank you guys! Susan in Texas :)"
Anonymous donor
Rabbi Diana Miller
"B'hatzlacha! Sounds like a great project. I look forward to having the group Skype with my congregants, a few of whom have met Harvey."
Ohad bracha
Anonymous donor
Herb Stone
"Good luck!!!"
Jay Shofet
Margot R. Becker
"Good luck! This man's work should be publicized--we need this so much! Good luck Harvey and team!"
michael kleinman
"looking forward to being in Jerusalem and experiencing Israel and all it's miracles"
Yonatan Neril
"Keep up the good work!"
Anonymous donor
David Matlow
"I am looking forward to seeing the film. The work of Captain Sunshine is world changing. It is an inspiring story that needs to be told. Let the Sunshine in!"
"Tell the good news."
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Jeff Klepper
"Good luck Yosef!"
Anonymous donor
Phillipa Friedland
Pat Delzell
"Hello, Captain Sunshine!!"
Pamela Wax and Chaim Bronstein
"Mazal tov, Yosef and Susan!"
Anonymous donor
Alene Wright
Bernard Avishai & Sidra Ezrahi

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Green Rebel – the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine

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Harvey Stein (director) - his last feature documentary was "A Third Way - Settlers and Palestinians as Neighbors", about the inimitable Rabbi Froman, Ali Abu Awwad, and others. He's incredibly excited to be working with Yossi Abramowitz on this film, telling a story with global significance. ************************************************************* Gidi Avivi (producer) - for more than 20 years, Avivi has produced successful Israeli documentary, fictional films, and TV series, many of which have been co-productions with other countries. His 2014 film, ”East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem,” followed the making of Israeli musician and peace activist David Broza's hit album of the same name, and is now streaming on Netflix.

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    A small group tour of the solar fields at Kibbutz Ketura in the Negev (Yossi's first solar field), and dinner afterwards. Also Tshirt or cap, and thanks in our credits.

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    Credit as "Associate Producer" in our film. Also includes dinner in Jerusalem or Washington, DC., or tour of solar field and dinner at Kibbutz Ketura, and your choice, Tshirt or cap. And thanks in credits.

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    Credit as "Executive Producer" in movie, dinner with Yossi and Harvey (in Jerusalem, Kibbutz Ketura, or New York City), and your choice Tshirt or cap. And big thanks in credits.

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