How do I get my campaign featured or promoted by Jewcer?

There are several ways that Jewcer helps you get more people to see your page and donate:

  1. Thousands of people visit our platform daily and browse around. Many of them look at more than one campaign (in fact, the average number of campaigns viewed by any visitor is over 2).
  2. Many visitors look in the different categories (this is why it is important to choose 3 categories that best describe your campaign).
  3. Typically 3-6 campaigns are promoted to the homepage and our featured campaigns list (more than 40% of the visitors to our platform visit our homepage as well).
  4. We promote campaigns through our Facebook and Twitter pages (Like us on Facebook   and Follow us on Twitter ).
  5. We typically send 2 newsletters per month to 25,000 past donors and subscribers.

Making sure your campaign is visible on our platform:

We only show active campaigns on Jewcer. Read more here about the condition to stay visible on our platform.

Having your campaign higher on the lists:

Campaigns on our platform are shown in order of activity. The most visitors, donors and amount donated to your campaign, the higher your campaign would appear on every list (for example in the category your campaign is in).

Getting promoted/featured:

Our staff and board of advisers monitors all the campaigns that run on Jewcer to determine which campaigns get promoted/featured (in the different ways mentioned above). If you follow our advice (make sure you read the Launch List Method) and progress steadily towards your raising goal, we will promote your campaign to more and more people. If you would like to get promoted on our newsletter in a dedicated email, please see our pricing page here.