Creating sections in your campaign description

The Jewcer platform allows you lots of flexibility when it comes to designing the description of your campaign. You can add images in between your description (see here). It also allows you to create sections (with section titles).

The first step is to place the text on the description page:


The next step after that is to highlight the text that you want to turn into a section title:


Then head over to the menu item that is titled “Formats” and then “Headings” to find all the options we have for section title sizes:


Choose the size you want (you might have to try a few and see what looks good to you) and boom! the text will change its size:


You can choose another one and make it slightly different (in this case, smaller):


Be sure to save your work and use the “Preview” to see what it would look like to visitors of your campaign page when you launch.


Play with all the options in the “Formats” tool, but try to make sure you do not have too many formats on one page.

Good luck!