Choosing the right payment system for your campaign

We offer you two options for how donations to your campaign can be processed when donors decide to support your cause:

Option 1: Funds are collected by Jewcer (fiscal sponsorship)

Since Jewcer is a non-profit organization (501c3 status in the USA), we can accept the funds on your behalf and provide tax receipts to your donors (they can get a tax deduction in the USA according to the IRS regulations). If you choose to take advantage of this option, you will get the funds you raise (after fees are applied) at the end of your campaign (roughly 7-10 days after you request to close the campaign and get the funds). You must qualify as “charitable cause” by filling out the forms here before choosing this option. Generally, you can be an individual, group or organization and you can be anywhere in the world, however, our team must approve your cause and it is not guaranteed. If you are raising money as part of an established nonprofit organization, this approval is typically automatic. If you are an individual, we will typically ask you to find a local organization that will accept the funds from us and pass to you.


  • Your donors in the USA will get tax deduction receipts automatically (if you are already a nonprofit in the USA, this can also save you the headache of doing that).
  • Donors can donate using credit cards (through Stripe) and Paypal.


Option 2: Receive the funds directly (through your Stripe account)

You may not qualify as a “charitable cause” (for example, raising money for a product or service under a company). In this case, you can use your own Stripe account to process and receive the funds. You can be an individual or company. In addition, some organizations choose this method (see advantages below) however, we recommend that if you are part of a nonprofit organization that you use the other option.


  • You can use this even if you are a company or an individual
  • You receive the funds immediately when they clear the credit cad processing

Disadvantages (for a non-profit organization or anyone that can qualify for a fiscal sponsorship):

  • The donors do not receive a tax deduction receipt (if you are a nonprofit organization, you will need to manually do that or set up your Stripe account to do that).

If you choose this option, please read How to connect your Stripe account