What Do You Do When You Find Out The President Is A Golem?

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Art is magic. Become a magician. Art bridges gaps, brings people together, and along with music, is a universal language that can touch anyone’s soul and encourage deeper thinking and introspection, two qualities sadly lacking from current discourse. With InkPlay take colors and create beautiful pictures with meaning.

Smoking DSC07905 (1) Disappearing In Sound

What is InkPlay?   InkPlay is an artistic method I developed that enables anyone to easily create and tell a dynamic visual story. No need for graphic artists, actors, tech skills, producers or huge funding. Have a story to tell – InkPlay it and share it with the world. It’s great fun and can be produced independently or together with friends and family. Or, simply make cool art as gifts, for your walls, or to spruce up your blog, Facebook, or Instagram feed.

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How did you do this?  In March of 2016 I was abruptly fired from a great job. In my free time I had been working on a screenplay and a graphic novel but now I felt lost. Depressed. Unsure of what had just happened and why. My daughter brought home an inked tile she had made with a friend and it was beautiful. So, a week later, my wife bought some inks and said, let’s have some fun together, and so began this journey to today, one year later.

I am currently working on several pieces to further develop InkPlay. The Golem Trump is part radio play, part art exhibit, part music video, part political manifesto, and all mine – created without the help of programs or apps, by hand, by myself, without assistance from anyone (except, of course, editors, bless you).

I’m SO looking forward to this InkPlay I could plotz!


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What is The Golem Trump?  A humorous, yet politically relevant, take on the golem stories of old. It stars two, inked Jewish boys (Sheldon and Izzy) and their dachshunds Bacon and Cheddar, who discover that Donald Trump is a golem.

In this series of stories (projected to be seven in total) the boys will travel around the world chipping away at people’s misguided beliefs about Jews and Judaism as they chip away at the golem. The first InkPlay is now in final edits and it will premier prior to the end of this Jewcer campaign as a 15 – 20 minute short, available for free download on-line. Of course, those who help fund this campaign will be the first to see it.

I am so excited by this project and hope that, soon, you too will feel the same way. Get in on the ground floor of a whole new way of expressing our self and our stories – and acquire some cool art from an emerging new artist to boot! (Please note that the images on this page are highly compressed and lose a lot of their color. Actual art is even better.)

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Why do I need additional funds?  Funding for the arts and for fostering creativity in children and adults too is sorely lacking, and will only get worse. Your tax-deductible donation will enable me to:

  • Finish The Golem Trump series
  • Ink and record audio for my previously published book Genesis: A Poetic Retelling 
  • Create videos to teach people how to InkPlay
  • Manage additional campaigns for increasing the reach of this artistic tool.
  • Produce an initial run of InkPlay kits for organizations/schools/houses of worship/youth centers/senior centers (for whom I will provide the materials for little to no cost) and YOU, with a generous contribution
  • Overthrow our government and create a new world order

Why InkPlay? Ultimately, I hope InkPlay will promote greater peace and understanding through art and storytelling, and bring people of the world together, like pixels in an awesome InkPlay!


DSC06829 (1)

You got that right, mister.

Throughout my life I have experienced directly the power of story in shaping reality. Our government creates stories to fool people and maintain power; I wish to do the opposite, telling a story that helps bring truth, justice, and a purer democracy to our country. As we InkPlay, a powerful energy force aligns with us and brings our words and images to life.  Please join this movement, because together, we can make anything happen!

To see additional InkPlay art and learn more, visit www.inkplay.today

Support this cause and make a difference

This campaign is currently closed.

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What Do You Do When You Find Out The President Is A Golem?

$1,260   raised
GOAL: $36,000



Campaign by
Steve Herman

I am a husband to a beautiful artist, a father to an amazing ten year old girl, and a comfy lap to two very cute mini-dachshunds. I live in Rogers Park, one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods on the planet. I attended University of Illinois and Harvard Law prior to becoming a full time artist and writer.. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and moved to Skokie at the age of 8. I dropped out of Judaism after high school and didn't return until I was almost 40. In that interim, I traveled the world, living in Israel, Egypt, Australia and all over America, attempting to write the Great American Novel. Upon returning to Chicago, I published several books including "One Crazy Jew" and "Genesis: A Poetic Retelling." and began leading Rock and Soul Shabbat with my band The Jews Brothers.

  • The Pixel
    1 claimed out of 2000000 available

    It takes millions of pixels to create an InkPlay. You are one of them. Welcome! Get early access to "The Golem Trump" all for three bucks. Such a deal! And, more importantly, be a part of something greater.

  • Touch Someone Deeply (the Ink Drop)
    1 claimed

    You are a drop of ink - able to move the colors around you - to integrate with them and help produce beautiful pictures. Without your drop, the InkPlay changes. Thanks for making it better! Get early access to my InkPlays and some virtual love.

  • The Toothpick Chips At The Golem!
    1 claimed

    OK, it seems fairly meaningless. Just a little stick for loosening corn out of your teeth. But in INKplay the toothpick creates lines and action and movement. And against a golem, it chips away at its facade in search of a soul. Get a personal thank you and JPG from the InkPlay and, of course, early access to "The Golem Trump" as well as early access to any InkPlays I create in the future. Also, if you wish, I will send you a copy of my book "Genesis: A Poetic Retelling."

  • Greetings!
    1 claimed out of 100 available

    Get everything above, plus your own set of 12 InkPlay greeting cards in your choice of themes.

  • Peace AND Love AND Art, Too
    3 claimed out of 300 available

    At last, a level that has nothing to do with the number 18. (It's like all the other numbers have no meaning. I am so sick of it!!! Shalom is 68. Ahava is 33. Ever gotten a check for either of those???) Well, for $101 you get early access to all my InkPlays PLUS a limited edition signed 11x14 piece of art from a selection of my work (framing available at additional cost).

  • Join the InkPlay Party!
    2 claimed out of 50 available

    Absolutely no gematria here. Just a party. Come join Steve in Chicago to celebrate the completion of his first InkPlay. It's sure to be a lot of fun. Plus a goody bag. Filled with goodies. The best goodies. Amazing goodies. You will be so impressed by these goodies. Nobody has goodies like I do. Or, you can choose a piece of limited edition art instead of the party, either framed or in acrylic. Your choice.

  • No Soup, But an InkPlay Kit for You
    0 claimed out of 40 available

    396 is both 22 times life and 12 times love. That's cool. What a cool level this is. Only for the coolest people. So how about I make you an ink artist? With your very own InkPlay kit. Be one of the first. Man, this is the way way way coolest level. Plus early access to everything and a personal Thank You.

  • Lots of Great Stuff - The Kit and Kaboodle
    0 claimed out of 68 available

    Thirty-three times eighteen = Love Life. In honor of yours, I will do an INKplay portrait of you or a loved one (including your pet). Just send me the jpg and I will send you an 11x14 portrait personally done by me. And you get an inkPLAY kit. And likely some other stuff thrown in.

  • The Messiah Has Come!
    0 claimed out of 100 available

    Ok, 1080 is chai times 60. But more importantly, it's 108 times 10. Cubs Win Cubs WIn. This is the year of the miraculous. Your contribution will enable me to make kits for at least nine people. Probably a lot more. And you'll get all the crap listed at any contribution level above. And a Cubs hat.

  • The Juicer
    0 claimed out of 12 available

    I will use this contribution to make inkPLAY kits for people of the world - and donate them in your honor. I will serenade you in my next ink PLAY. Perhaps even write a song in your honor. Send you a limited edition print. I'll even frame it. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. And you get an inkPLAY kit for the entire family. Plus an INKplay portrait. In other words, you get it all!!!

  • Don't see the amount you want to donate? Every contribution helps!

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