Where is my money? How does the funding work?

You are here to raise money, so it is very important to understand how the funds “flow”.

We offer two options with regards to processing donations:

OPTION 1: Have Jewcer collect the funds for you

If you choose to have Jewcer collect the funds for you (it also means your donors receive a tax deduction receipt), the funds go to Jewcer and we will send you the funds at the end of your campaign. You can monitor the amount you raised and see the details for each contribution at any time after you launch. We are happy to send you the money with a bank transfer (anywhere in the world) or by check (in the USA).

OPTION 2: Collect the funds on your own

If you prefer to have the funds go directly to your bank account, we offer the option to set up a Stripe account (read about Stripe here) which is a secured online credit card processing system (similar to PayPal, but only allows people to donate using credit cards). In this case, the funds you use will be in your own Stripe account. You can still monitor the contributions (and see details) from your Jewcer account. Please note that Stripe often holds some of the amount of money that was donated to your campaign for 7-10 days to make sure there are no refund requests before allowing you to transfer the funds to you bank. In order to create and hold a Stripe account, you must have a bank account in the USA to connect it to.