What fees are involved in running a campaign on Jewcer?

Getting started is FREE! This includes our individualized guidance for your page and the strategy to get your cause fully funded. After your campaign launches and once you start receiving contributions, there is a 2.9% + 30 cent transaction fee (which goes to the credit card processor) and a 5% platform fee (which goes to support Jewcer’s operations as a non-profit organization).

However, we offer each donor the option to cover all the fees associated with their contribution …and most of them do! For those donations that your donors cover the fees, you will get 100% of the contribution amount. Because of this, after all donations come through, you will get to keep, on average, 98.2% of the total amount that you raised. That makes the effective fees you would pay 1.8%. That’s lower than you might be paying on your own website!

An Example how the platform fees work

Imagine a situation where 3 people decide to donate to your campaign.

Donor A decides to donate $300 and cover your fees. This means your campaign receives $300.
Donor B decides to donate $100 and cover your fees. This means your campaign receives $100.
Donor C decides to donate $100 and does not cover your fees. This means your campaign receives $91.8 (after 5% Jewcer fees and 2.9% + 30 cents transaction fees).

Your campaign raised $500 and you receive $300 + $100 + $91.8 = $491.8 which is 98.36%, making your “out of pocket” fees in reality 1.64%

Note: The example above is a very close approximation of the amounts you would end up getting because in the case donors choose to cover your fees, you get 99.76% (not 100%) because of the fees by the payment system. You can read the exact details here. The example above is here to illustrate how the fees are actually 5% and 2.9%+$0.30 and yet, campaigns managers end up with out-of-pocket fees lower than 2%.

How does this compare to other platforms?

Check out the table we prepared here (hint: you will be paying way less fees on Jewcer, raise more money with our help and altogether be able to do more for our community!).

Any additional fees?

There are no additional fees that Jewcer charges. However, there are fees involved with transferring the funds at the end of the campaign depending on the method you pick. The fees range between $0 (for mailing a check) to $35-$45 for international wire transfers. These are fees that the bank charges.