The Contribution levels and Rewards

Think of your contribution levels as ways to give people an opportunity to be part of your project. People are not coming to your campaign page to “buy” a T shirt or receive some reward. You also are not developing the next smart-watch. You are making a difference in the community and the contribution levels should be various levels of getting inside the “inner circle” of your project. For example, if you were to produce a movie, give your funders a first look or maybe they can read the script. If you are creating a website or a mobile app, create a page to thank the people that supported you.

Think of your project as building a house and your funders as people in the community that want to take part in building it. They might not be laying bricks (you raise money to pay for that) but they can help you decide on the color of the house or how many rooms you will have in it.

If you do have material rewards that you can give that are directly related to your project, then by all means, include them in the contribution levels.

Last tip on this subject… browse around our platform and look for similar ideas or just read through contribution levels to understand the engagement opportunity.