Is my donation tax deductible?

In order for your donation to be considered a “tax deductible” contribution, the funds must go to a charitable activity, typically a tax-exempt corporation with a 501c3 status.

Jewcer is a tax exempt corporation and we offer most of our campaigns a fiscal sponsorship, which means that we accept the funds for them, provide the tax deduction receipt and then, at the end of the campaign, transfer the funds collected to the group or individual that were raising the funds.

Campaigns that are fiscally sponsored would have a statement on the campaign page (right under the “GIVE NOW” button) that indicates the donations are tax deductible.

However, some campaigns can choose to have the funds directly donated to them and if the organization running the campaign is a tax-exempt corporation with a 501c3 status, then your donation could also be tax deductible.

We recommend that you contact the campaign manager (see different ways on the campaign page to get in touch with them) and ask them about the status of their campaign.