How to choose a great title + main image combination

Think of your title and the image you choose as the main one (the first in the 5 you can have) as an ad for your campaign. After you go through the “soft launch” (the first stage where you email people personally), you will start sharing your page on social media and at the same time, people would come and browse on our platform. At those moments, they would see the image, the title and the tagline.

When you choose the title, image and tagline, think of it as a summary of your campaign with one purpose: getting people to want to read more:

1. Make the title clear and dont use names or phrases people would only understand if they read the whole page (they might not give you that chance). If your project has a name, use it, but make sure the title also explains what it is.

2. Use an image that in some sense tells your whole story.

3. Your tagline should be less descriptive and more cause-related (less telling people what the project is in a descriptive way).

A great place to start is to look at past successful campaigns in the browse page or the Success Stories