How long should your campaign be?

Many people come to us and ask “what is the length of a typical campaign?”. Common advice (in Jewcer and outside) is to have a 30 to 45 days campaign. We typically recommend that you spend your first 7-10 days on your “soft launch” (read about it here) and the rest of the days on your campaign publicly.

Generally, yes, it is better to have a shorter campaign than longer one because people get “tired” of hearing about the campaign, however, if you build your strategy right and slowly roll it out, starting first with close friends and family, then social media and later on “friends of”, then it can be longer. In addition, it also depends on the amount of time you have that you can spend on the campaign (for example, weekly).

However, every project is unique and if you want more personalized advice on your campaign length, please email us at You may also want to try our calculator here which will show you the relationship between your goal amount and the length of the campaign.