Getting your campaign published (go live)

All campaigns on Jewcer go through our team of observers before going live.

The process is:

  • You build your campaign page
  • When all the required elements are completed, you submit your page for review (our system will indicate which sections have missing parts that are required). You can keep editing your page even after you submit it. We highly recommend you read our checklist here before submitting your page.
  • We will receive your request to review and send you some suggestions via email. There is no need to email us and let us know you submitted (we get notified internally when you submit). You are not required to follow our suggestions but know they are based on our vast experience with over 2,000 campaigns that we have helped.
  • When you are ready to get started, send a NEW email to and request your page to get published. Please indicate in your request the link to your campaign (it is also our way to make sure you know what the link of your page is).
  • When our team sees your request, we publish your page and you will get notified by email.



  • We cannot guarantee a certain day & time for your page to be live. If you have some day & time you need it live, please request your page to go live in advance
  • We cannot offer a scheduled publish. In other words, we cannot schedule a campaign to be live in advance. We can only receive a request to go live and we turn it live when we receive the request.