Getting help from our experts

We pride ourselves at Jewcer with out personal help anywhere from technical support to discussing strategic decisions. Unlike other platforms and websites, you will get an answer within a few hours at the latest. Most issues are resolved and questions answered within a few hours (other platforms typically take a few days at best).

In order to be able to provide this exceptional support, we do ask that help is being asked in certain ways to simplify the process of figuring out the issue or question and making sure less time is spent by you. Therefore, when you have a question or an issue, we ask that:

  • Email us to  This is by far the best way to ask for help. There are many other ways to reach us, such as phone and chat, but we ask that you use email.
  • We use a “ticketing system” which means that every time an email is sent to this address, a “ticket” is opened. This helps us make sure we get a resolution to each issue/question you have. It also helps us to monitor how well we are doing overall. Therefore,
    • If you have a NEW issue/question, send a NEW email to
    • If you are answering an existing issue, please reply to the email in the same thread that was started (you will also get a confirmation from us when you start a new support ticket).
    • Provide in your email a good subject line that describes the general topic. For example “Images in my description”. The name of your campaign is too general.
    • Provide the link to your campaign in every new ticket you start. This helps us help you faster.

Our ticketing system my close your ticket automatically if no activity has been shown on it for a few days. There is nothing to be alarmed about it. You can always re-open it by replying to the email thread if you still have questions on the same topic. If you have another issue/question, please start a new ticket by emailing a new email as explained above.

We hope to provide you with excellent support in your path to raising the funds you need.