Facebook thumbnail not showing my main campaign image (or, how do I change the image facebook picks to show when I share my campaign page?).

When someone shares the link of a Jewcer campaign on Facebook, Facebook will show an image (“thumbnail”), a title and description. The image shown will be your “campaign image”, the title will be the title of your campaign and the description will be the tagline you picked for your campaign page.

The first time anyone shares the link on Facebook, Facebook saves those three pieces of data (image, title & tagline) in their system so that from this point on, every time someone shares (either by pasting the link or sharing from someone else), they already have the data.

How do I tell Facebook to go and save new versions of any of the data for my page?

If you change either of those three (the #1 image, title or tagline) and want the updated information to be shown in future posts on facebook, you need to “tell” Facebook that the information has been changed. You do it in the following order:

STEP 1: Update your campaign page
Head over to your campaign editing sections and make the changes you want to make. Update your campaign and be sure to save your changes. Then, open your campaign page to test the changes have been made. Please note that your tagline is only shown in the “widget view” that you can see in the browsing page (https://www.jewcer.org/all-projects/).

STEP 2: Having Facebook scrape the page again
“Scraping” is the process of going through the page and extracting the data you wish for. In order for Facebook to scrape your campaign page, you need to head over to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ and put your campaign URL in the input field and press “debug”. The first time you press will show you what Facebook has already (the old data). If you scroll down, in the section “When shared, this is what will be included” it will show you what posting your page looks like.

If you changed the data on the live page and want facebook to scrape the page, click “Scrape again” (at the top of the page) for Facebook to re-scrape the page and update the data they have.

screenshot-developers.facebook.com 2016-09-28 16-20-00

You can now scroll to the bottom and check they got the data you wanted them to get. Note that sometimes it takes a few times of clicking “Scrape again” for it to grab the #1. Try clicking and waiting a few seconds and then try again.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want until it shows the content in the way you like.