Changes I make to my page are not being saved

If you are making changes to your campaign page and then go look at your campaign page and find that your changes were not applied to your page, there could be a few causes for this listed below. We recommend you go through one at a time, follow the steps and then let us know if you are still having issues (by emailing us at

Cause #1: Multiple editing windows open

Our system has a great feature which automatically (every few seconds) saves what you write (even if you do not click on “save”). However, this means that if you have more than one editing window open, you could run into an issue of overwriting new content with old content.


  1. Please close all the windows you might have. If you have more than one person editing the page, ask them to close their windows as well.
  2. Log out of the system, then log back in.
  3. Make a small change in the page, and then go check if the change is saved.


Cause #2: Idle window

In some cases, if you have the window open for too long without any activity (writing does not count as activity, clicking on buttons is considered activity) the system would log you out but not necessarily inform you of that. Then, when you save, you might think its saved, but in fact, it is not.


  1. You should not “create” on the campaign page, you should just paste into it. In other words, if you need to write up some sections, do that on WORD or Google Docs (they also have spell checking!) and then, when its ready, copy and paste it into the campaign editing form. Spend as little time on the page itself editing text.
  2. Log out and log back in if you spent too much time away.


Cause #3: Caching issue

It is possible that the changes have been saved, but your browser is showing you an old version of the page (browsers tend to do that to load faster).


Clear your browser cache and reload the page again.