Can I make changes to my campaign page after I launch?

Yes, absolutely, but not to all the sections.

Things you cannot change after you launch:

  • The goal amount
  • The length of the campaign
  • The payment system you picked
  • The URL of your campaign

You can change everything else on you campaign page, including the description, the contribution levels, images, etc.

Things you should change as you run your campaign:

  • If you did not have a video pitch when you launched, you can add it later. We highly recommend that you do.
  • If any of the descriptions is not clear to people (they told you or sent you questions) then you should change it.
  • If there are contribution levels that people do not understand (by asking you questions about them for example) or not interested in, you can remove or edit. Please note that if you change amounts or titles, the donors list will not change the donations that came in before the change and only reflect the changes going forward.

Our system is very friendly (at least, we think so!), but if you are having difficulties with editing any section of your campaign, please do not hesitate and contact us.