The automatic thank-you letter to donors

Every time a supporter completes a donation to your campaign, they will receive an automatic email from our system which includes a thank-you note from you that you can write. This note will be included in the middle of the email that is sent.

In order to write up your note, head over to your campaign editing and choose the section “Finances and Duration” as seen in the screenshot:


In the section, at the bottom, the last part is titled “Thank Your Donors”. Anything you write in this field will be copied to the email that is automatically sent.


  • We recommend to be clear and short in thanking your donors.
  • The email is sent from Jewcer to the donor, so please do not ask any questions that would cause them to reply to the email (it will go back to us). You could send them to an external link if you like (a google form for example).
  • If your organization is a non-profit organization and you want to provide donors with some information about the organization, here is a great place to do that.