Adding a link to your YouTube video for viewers to go to your Jewcer campaign

Jewcer is one of the few platforms in the world that YouTube allows you to add a link to your campaign straight from the YouTube video. This means that people who view your YouTube video elsewhere (e.g. Facebook, blogs, etc.) can click on the video and reach your Jewcer campaign.

The instructions on how to do it are here.

Jewcer applied and got accepted to be on this list when our domain was .com, while recently (June 2016), we switched to .org to better show we are a non-profit organization. In order for YouTube to accept your campaign link, please change the “.org” in your campaign link to “.com” and YouTube would accept it AND our system will direct the traffic to the right place (your campaign). For example, if your Jewcer campaign link is, when you submit it on Youtube, provide their system with

If you have any questions, please email us to