Help us make our movie: NOTE IN THE OAK

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We are a team of Jewish artists from Vancouver, BC. We collaborate together on our passion projects. Many of us are professionally employed by big budget American productions that are filmed in Vancouver and we develop our own projects during our spare time.

During the summer of 2014 we produced a short film titled NOTE IN THE OAK, starring Carmel Amit and Moshe Mastai, our film was the official selection at the following film festivals:

Vancouver Jewish film festival – Vancouver, Canada (Nov. 2014)

“Cinema DOC” film festival – Rome, Italy (Feb. 2016)

“Move Me” film festival – Antwerp, Belgium (May. 2016)

London monthly film festival – London, UK (Nov. 2016)

Best international independent film festival – Karlsruhe, Germany (Dec. 2016)

“Reflections of Spirit” film festival – Erlangen, Germany (Dec. 2016)


The story was inspired by true events that took place in New Jersey in 2012 and during the past two years we have developed this short into a feature film (100 minutes) and we are now ready to produce it in 2017.

Our hero is, Joyce, is a homecare provider. Following the death of her long time patient she goes on a quest to find his estrange son, Corry, to bring him to his father’s grave.

Like many successful stories we have a nice mix of suspense, laughter, hope, heart, violence and a good slice of a Jewish culture. However, the feature script is not yet fully complete. Some vital elements are still missing.

This is where we are seeking your participation.

We need your help to secure some licensed Jewish artistic material, these poems and pieces of music are essential to our plot and without it, our story will be good but missing some of the key Jewish elements that it requires. Since Jewish culture and heritage is so important to us, we are reaching out for your help on this portion of our budget. Any assistance is so greatly appreciated.


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Support this cause and make a difference

Your donation is tax deductible!

All donations to this charitable cause are collected by Jewcer, and donations exceeding the fair-market value of goods/services received are qualified under Section 501(c)(3) as tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Help us make our movie: NOTE IN THE OAK

$713   raised
GOAL: $8,000



Campaign by
Shahar Ben Halevi / Writer - Director
, Canada

Writer/Director: Shahar Ben Halevi is a media professional with over 20 years experience in the industry. During his career he worked in print press, radio, TV, and in digital media. Shahar wrote for Israel's most highly acclaimed newspapers, worked for the national radio, and was a founding member of YNET, one of Israel's most successful portals. He is the author of two children books - The Ordinary Prince, and The Blues Owl (which will be released in 2017). Behind the camera he directed 3 short films and a documentary. He hosted over 100 live NFL games on Israeli TV. In Vancouver he worked on numerous productions of feature films, TV shows, commercials and shorts. Shahar studied film and TV in the University of Haifa (Israel) and Media and Communications at Simon Fraser University (Canada). Shahar is a father of 3 children and lives in Vancouver since 2005. You can contact him at

  • Bar Mitzva
    2 claimed

    Thank you for your support, every little bit helps. You get our gratitude and future updates about this project.

  • Kol Hai
    4 claimed

    Eighteen is a powerful number in the Jewish mystical tradition. It stands for "life", and the first indication that a film has some "life" is the script. Thank you for your generosity. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Kol Hakavod
    8 claimed

    You are awesome, thank you, for taking part of this important mission of sustaining Jewish culture. We will keep you updated about our project.

  • Yishar Koach
    1 claimed

    You know where your roots are, you want to tell them to your children. Keep up the good work, and leave us your contact info (if you wish) we will find way to send our appreciation for your kindness.

  • Hazak U'baruch
    0 claimed

    You are a true supporter of the arts, we would love to send you a copy of our film poster (PDF) once it ready for publicity. Much appreciation for your donation.

  • Ma'asim tovim
    0 claimed

    We appreciate your contribution, we could have make it without you. As a return we will invite you to participate in a limited online screening as part of our focus group. Exciting!!

  • mentsh
    0 claimed

    To a a person who appreciate Jewish art on that level we offer the privilege to be on the credits list of our film. under the THANKS list. You are a true hero.

  • Art supporter
    0 claimed

    WOW! You are a true champ. Let me take a moment and thank you on behalf of Jewish artists throughout the history. You help is a true mitzva and you will get your name at the special thanks section of our credit roll.

  • Developer
    0 claimed

    Since art and culture is all about bringing people together, you are a true community builder. We will have your name on a special and separated section of the credit list: This musical right was available thanks to the kind generosity of....Your name here! Bravo!!

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