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Getting started is absolutely FREE and includes getting personalized advice from our experts on your campaign page and strategy (for example, how much money should you aim to raise and how long your campaign should be). However, if you wish to get some professional help in building your campaign page or some boost for your exposure to potential donors, we have just the right options for you:
Do It YourselfFREEBuild your page with personalized advice through email.
Get personal advice from our crowdfunding and copywriting experts as you build your campaign page.
Facebook page promotion pending campaign success


Homepage promotion pending campaign success

All qualifying projects on Jewcer may use our free fiscal sponsorship so that donors can get a tax deduction for their contributions.

Professional Page Design$800Raise more money with a professionally designed page.
Have our professional designers and copywriters build your page for greater impact.
Best Offer
Ultimate Exposure$1200Get promoted through our newsletter to 30,000 potential donors
Get your page designed by our professional designers and copywriters and get it featured in a dedicated newsletter to 30,000+ of our potential donors.
Campaign page written by a professional copywriter/designer


Guaranteed 3 promotions on our Facebook page


Guaranteed promotion on our homepage


Campaign shared with media partners


Your campaign is promoted to 30,000+ past donors and subscribers through a dedicated newsletter.

Supercharge Your Campaign

Need more help? We have more options to help you raise more money:
Pitch VideoRaise more money with a pitch video for your campaign page
Use our proprietary tool to build your pitch video for your campaign page in order to raise more funds.
Phone SupportInclude phone support for your campaign with our crowdfunding experts
Include phone support with our crowdfunding experts to answer all your questions and help you with strategic planning.
$3,000 Marketing BudgetDirect traffic to your campaign using our Google Adwords Grant (Includes $3,000 budget)
Receive $3,000 out of our Google Adwords Grant managed by a professional marketing agency and targeting traffic to your specific campaign.

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Lowest Fees, For Real.

After your campaign launches and once you start receiving contributions, there is a 2.9% + 30 cent transaction fee (which goes to the credit card processor) and a 5% platform fee (which goes to Jewcer).


However, we offer each donor the option to cover your fees when they contribute…and most of them do! On average, the total fee campaign managers end up paying out of the amount that they raise is 1.8% (see example below). That’s lower than you might be paying on your own website for just the transaction fees!

1.8% Average Fees

While other platforms claim to charge 0%, Jewcer actually takes less and helps you raise more!

Our average fees are likely lower than what you might be paying on your own website, including the transactions fees!

A Tale of 1,000 Donations

In order to demonstrate our incredibly low fees we looked at a random sample of 1,000 donations that were processed on Jewcer across all live campaigns in a certain period of time. The donations ranged from $1 to $2,500 with a total of $70,216.


We wanted to compare how much money went to the campaign organizers on Jewcer, versus how much would have gone to campaign organizers had they used other “0% fees” platforms.

Raise more. Keep more. Do more.

Join the 100s of individuals, groups and organizations who got their projects fully funded on Jewcer!