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Here are a few exciting campaigns on Jewcer right now

Rabbi Yehuda Simes zt”l Torah Project

Be a part of dedicating a Sefer Torah in memory of Rabbi Simes zt

by Congregation Beit Tikvah of Ottawa - (Rabbi Zischa Shaps Campaign Chair)
  • 50%funded
  • $15,126raised
  • ongoing
  • 141 donors
Temima’s Bat Mitzvah Ocean Cleanup Campaign

Help fund technology to clean half of the Pacific Garbage Patch in just 5 years.

by Temima
  • 90%funded
  • $1,074raised
  • ongoing
  • 35 donors
Marcus Freed Miracle Fund

Marcus Freed needs a miracle. Let that miracle be you.

by Audrey Jacobs one of Marcus' Angels
  • 62%funded
  • $155,876raised
  • ongoing
  • 1854 donors

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