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Here are a few exciting campaigns on Jewcer right now

Together We Are KeepOlim!

Providing Free & Low Cost Mental Health to All Olim in their native language

by KeepOlim
  • 46%funded
  • $166,358raised
  • ongoing
  • 1494 donors
Urgent need in Madrid

Pledge with us for Congregacion Bet-El in Madrid, distressed from COVID during Pesach season

by Jewish Masorti congregation in Madrid, Spain with 200 members/families
  • 88%funded
  • $8,839raised
  • ongoing
  • 56 donors
Help Build a Stronger Connection to Torah

A new book of short Torah thoughts for any occasion!

by Rabbi Michael Fine
  • 54%funded
  • $8,143raised
  • 18 days to go
  • 120 donors

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