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Here are a few exciting campaigns on Jewcer right now

Urgent need in Madrid

Pledge with us for Congregacion Bet-El in Madrid, distressed from COVID during Pesach season

by Jewish Masorti congregation in Madrid, Spain with 200 members/families
  • 88%funded
  • $8,839raised
  • ongoing
  • 56 donors
Solomon Hoffman’s First Album of Original Jewish Liturgical Music

Help Solomon record new settings of Jewish prayers with an ensemble of 50+ musicians/singers

by Solomon Hoffman
  • 44%funded
  • $4,350raised
  • ongoing
  • 25 donors
Help Focus the Jewish Lens on Diversity and Inclusivity for all Jews

Fight racism, gender inequality, and gender identity discrimination in the Jewish Community.

by Goss Grove Films
  • 62%funded
  • $61,790raised
  • 96 days to go
  • 195 donors

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